Attract Women by Being Natural

If you’re having trouble getting a date, you have probably compared yourself with some lucky guy who seems to be on top of his game. Such a guy seems to attract women and unlock her legs with little or no effort. You on the other hand are even lucky to have a girl say hi. But what powers do such guys have over women that you don’t. It is natural or learned?

The truth is, there are things that women find attractive in men. Some like being tall or super successful might be beyond your reach. However, there are some things that you have control over. Here are 5 ways how to attract women naturally.

Personal Hygiene is a Must
Women are naturally attracted to a man’s scent. Well, not really. The notion that women love a man covered with sweat is a myth. Women want a man who knows how to clean up. She doesn’t want to show up for a date with the dirtiest man in the room. Take a bath each day, trim your nails and groom your hair and beard. It might not seem like a big change to you but it’s your first step to getting dates.

Dress the part
How you dress tells a lot about you. Women will notice a man’s style from a mile away. Dress like a teenager and women will think you’re not mature enough. Dress like a man and she will find you stylish and attractive. This doesn’t mean that you have to wear a suit and tie every day. Simply find stylish attire that you feel comfortable in.

Keep Yourself fit
For women, a man who is fit and healthy sends the message that he cares a lot about himself. This is a trait women are naturally attracted to. It however doesn’t mean that you should have the biggest biceps or a six pack. Simply ensure that you keep your body weight in check and avoid habits that would put your health at risk.

Financial stability
This is a point many men find confusing. Although women want a man who can easily provide for his family, it doesn’t mean they want to date a millionaire. Having a steady source of income and being able to pay the bills is usually enough.

Unique personality
Women are naturally attracted to men who stand out from the crowd. Every man has his strengths and weaknesses. Your goal should be to work on your strengths in order to stand out. In addition, amplify your personality by being friendly, ambitious, kind and courteous. These four traits are particularly attractive to women.

Dating Advice For Shy Guys

Dating can be quite a challenge for shy guys. You find it difficult to walk up to a woman and start a conversation, making it hard to get dates. But there are things you can do to boost your confidence. Here are 5 tips you can use.

1. Look for Shared Interests

It will be easier to begin a conversation with a woman who shares your interests because you can focus on something you actually enjoy. It will also allow you to be yourself. Join clubs that host your favorite activities. You are more likely to meet a woman with similar hobbies in such places. Pick venues that encourage conversation. If you both enjoy art, take her to one of the popular galleries in the area.

2. Remain in your Comfort Zone

You are more likely to feel confident if you select situations within your comfort zone. Select informal events without any agenda such as fairs. These events attract several people and there is so much to see. This can make you less anxious about starting conversations. You can suggest intimate venues such as a popular restaurant for your follow-up dates. Avoid places that will make you feel out of place. You can work on getting out of the comfort zone once you have gone on several dates.

3. Prepare Yourself

Surprises can be quite unsettling for a shy guy. Visit the venue you suggest for your dates and explore it. Look for the entry and exit and find out how much money you will need to cater for the date. This will make you more confident when you arrive with your date.

4. Get a Wingman

A friend can help you break the ice when you are out in a bar. Use your friends to initiate conversations. This works well when you are interested in a woman who is part of a group. Your friend can approach the women and call you over once he has introduced himself.

5. Focus on Her

This is one of the most important things to remember when you are out on a date. You have to anticipate her needs and meet them. Smile when your date arrives. Compliment her on a certain aspect of her appearance. Focusing on her will make it less awkward because there is little attention on you. Ask questions and pay attention to her answers. This flatters a woman. But do not make it seem like an interrogation. Use statements that will encourage her to respond.

Shy guys can get dates and have successful relationships. Use these tips to find and captivate your dates.

Things to Say When You Approach a Girl

It can be brutal for some people when thinking about the idea of approaching a girl. There are different things to say when you approach a girl and almost all of them depend on your confidence level and her approachability. There are ways to talk to a woman and seem “real” rather than desperate or putting her on the spot.

Be Casual
If the girl you want to approach is in a group, address them all. Let her know that you are interested in her by making eye contact with her a little longer than the rest of the group. In a group setting, it is as easy as an introduction and a question. “Has it been this busy all night?” Another general question is, “Where are you all from?” When she answers make sure to notice her more. She will notice the attention and give you more or less of a signal that lets you know how to proceed. This is the safest way to approach a girl.

Be Her Night In Shining Armor
If chivalry isn’t dead, then make a girl feel like she is a princess with little gestures. When a woman sees a man pull out a chair for another woman, they whisper about how nice it is. This is a way to get her friends on your side as well. Bring her a flower or pick up something she dropped. This requires waiting for the right moment to swoop in but when you do, she will notice. After you make her feel special, ask her if you could sit with her or take her out for coffee. Looking nervous is fine, being overly confident is not. In a very quiet and genuine way, let her know how much you admire her beauty. Nothing cheezy here, tell her she is beautiful and why.

What If She is Shy?
The perfect way to approach a shy girl is to relate to her. She may not look very approachable, so letting her know that you are in the same boat with her is key. A simple introduction with your name is a start and then ask her how she likes the venue. Let her know that you find it hard to talk to people or that you thought you’d try something new because you aren’t very social. She will open up if she is indeed interested. Exploring a conversation about interests will help her get to know you better and open up.

Regardless of the things to say when you approach a girl, the most important part of successfully meeting a woman, is to act genuine. A girl can spot a man that is trying too hard from a mile away. If you are truly interested in her, once she is talking to you, act like she is the only girl in the room.

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